Saturday, May 7 2016 16:57 EEST
The end of friendship: Amur the tiger to be isolated from Timur the goat forever
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Timur the goat has undergone a course of treatment in a Moscow clinic after his fight with Amur the tiger and will never live in the same cage with the predator again.

The director of Primorsky safari park Dmitry Mezentsev says that after Timur’s discharge from the veterinary clinic the animals will be able to meet under the park staff’s supervision only.

Timur was taken to a veterinary clinic named after K. I. Scryabin on April 26. The goat was bit by Amur. The herbivore‘s life was out of danger.

In January 2016, the tiger also attacked Timur after he tried to butt him. The goat had to take treatment that included chemotherapy and vitamins.

On November 26, 2015 they reported on the fact that the tiger and the goat, which had to be eaten by the predator, became friends. The safari park told that the predator didn’t eat his potential victim because the goat resisted him and Amur decided to leave him alone. The animals spent their time together. Primorsky safari park’s administration equipped the predator’s cage with an additional place for the goat.

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