Friday, May 6 2016 23:06 EEST
Donald Trump said Britain would be 'better off without' the European Union
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The US presidential candidate Donald Trump supported the idea of Brexit. In an interview with Fox News Trump said that the UK would feel better if it left the EU.

He explained that it was his personal opinion and he wouldn’t like to give any advice or to put pressure on British people.

Trump believes that the migrant crisis in Europe is essentially connected to the actions of the EU. It is because of this problem that the UK should leave the Union.

Earlier, Trump had admitted the possibility of Brexit. He also criticized President Barack Obama for his urging the Brits not to leave the European Union.

At the end of April, the Daily Telegraph published Barack Obama’s article, where he explained what the benefits of the UK membership in the EU were. During his visit to Britain, Obama said that the country’s exit from the EU could complicate trade relationship with the United States. Obama's statements have drawn criticism from many British politicians.

On June 23, the UK will hold a referendum, where the Brits are to decide whether it’s better to stay in the EU or to leave the union.

Last year, the British Parliament discussed an offer to ban Trump from entering the country, but considered it to be pointless. The parliamentarians were made organize an open debate on this matter due to the petition that had got more than 250 thousand signatures in one day after the politician’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

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