Friday, May 6 2016 21:50 EEST
Mikheil Saakashvili: Hillary Clinton can understand Ukraine very well
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It is unlikely that the competence of the head of the regional administration, as well as the competence of any citizen of Ukraine includes intervention in American electoral process.

Moreover, I know not only Donald Trump, but also am friends with Hillary Clinton (a potential candidate from the Democratic Party). In 2005, she even recommended to award me with the Nobel Peace Prize. Furthermore, I'm friends with her husband Bill, he was one of the first world famous politicians, who enthusiastically supported the Rose Revolution and has always been helping me with advice and a kind word.

Hillary Clinton can understand our region very well. In addition to her super competence, she has phenomenal memory and attention to the most minor details. Hillary is a very active person, I remember when to her group’s horror and in spite of their protests, she went for a walk with me. She went 12 kilometers along Batumi Boulevard on her high heels and enjoyed different Georgian wines in Batumi piazza after that.

It’s worth mentioning that Hillary Clinton has consistently called for providing Ukraine with lethal weapons, and her position is very different from the opinion of the current American administration.

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