Friday, May 6 2016 20:23 EEST
U.S. Abrams tanks have arrived in Georgia for training exercises
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The US and British military units and armored vehicles of the US Army and NATO have arrived in Georgia.

Western militaries and Georgian army are to take part in the Noble Partner 2016 joint exercise. These maneuvers will be held in Vaziani polygon. The start of the exercise is scheduled on May 11 and it will be finished on the 26th of the same month. The US army is presented by 650 servicemen. Moreover, 150 British and 500 Georgian militaries are to take part there too.

The Noble Partner exercise is held within a general complex of the events which are carried by the US Armed Forces and NATO in the countries neighboring or falling under the sphere of the Russian Federation's interests.

At the same time, Estonia has started the largest NATO military exercises Spring Storm 2016 (Kevadtorm 2016). 6,000 servicemen from nine member countries of NATO, Sweden and Finland are taking part in the maneuvers.

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