Friday, May 6 2016 18:03 EEST
Trump’s presidency is contrary to Moscow’s interests - Experts
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The Republican Party’s candidate for the US presidential post Donald Trump will support a decision to lift anti-Russian sanctions in words, but he won’t become a partner for the Kremlin.

This opinion was voiced during an interview by the chief researcher from the Institute of World History NAS of Ukraine and ex-adviser to the Ukrainian embassy in the United States, Americanist Alexandr Potekhin, Press of Ukraine reports.

Donald Trump claimed that he supported the lifting of Anti-Russian sanctions. However, he had made the conditions the Kremlin just cannot provide. 

'It is because of stupid arrogance that the rapprochement of Russia and the United States would not take place even with Trump,' he said.

Potekhin also noted that Donald Trump won’t satisfy anyone as the US president. 

'Such a president is useless not only for us. He is useless both for the United States and any other country in the world. Of course, his impact will be limited. Of course, President Trump will differ from the candidate Trump, if this will happen. He will be an isolationist president,' the Americanist says.

Moreover, it was reported that the US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had commented on the fact that Donald Trump was the only Republican candidate for the post of the head of the White House.

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