Friday, May 6 2016 03:13 EEST
Azerbaijan is hoarding up ammo for long-term combat operations against Armenia - Defense Ministry
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Azerbaijan creates an additional arsenal of ammunition, the press service of the Ministry of Defense reports.

The report says that according to instructions of the Ministry of Defense they will implement all the planned measures to renew the resources, which have been used during the operations against the armed forces of Armenia, and to create an additional arsenal of ammunition.

'Ammunition and projectiles of all calibers designed for a variety of weapons, equipment and other military elements, produced by the military-industrial complex of our country, as well as by military institutions of Russia and other countries are to be sent to our troops,' the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan states.

The providing of military units located in the first line of defense in the frontal area will be carried out according to the existing rules.

'At the same time, we still are implementing our measures to create additional untouchable arsenal for long-term combat operations,' the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan noted.

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