Thursday, May 5 2016 16:47 EEST
Watch: Barack Obama performed trick with drinking water in Michigan
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The water in the city of Flint in Michigan is suitable for drinking, if one uses a filter for its purification. American President Barack Obama claimed and confirmed this statement with his personal example.

The city’s residents have been suffering from a lack of drinking water. According to Obama, it will take 1-2 or even more years to repair the water supply system. He also called for the holding of additional medical examinations for children.

'I want everyone in Flint to be aware of the need to show the kids to a doctor,' American president said as quoted by Tass.

He said that the use of the filter makes Flint’s water safe.

'I usually don’t perform tricks, but let it be so,' Obama said and drank some water from the glass ahead him.

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