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Hillary Clinton: What Donald Trump Stands For?
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​According to New York Times, Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, but he is also keenly aware that many in his own party — and many Americans, frankly — are scared and anxious about the idea of him in the Oval Office.

In this case, political commentator, professor, and author Robert Reich shared on Facebook:

'Here’s what Donald Trump says he’ll do in his first 100 days as president, according to today’s New York Times:

1. Nominate a new Supreme Court justice in the mold of Justice Antonin Scalia.

2. Rescind the Obama executive orders on immigration.

3. Threaten punitive measures against corporate executives who shift jobs out of the United States.

3. Design the wall with Mexico, seal the southern border, and assign more security agents along it.

4. Put in place a ban on immigration to the United States by Muslims.

5. Rescind the Obama executive orders on immigration.

6. Repeal the Affordable Care Act.

7. Give military leaders more power over foreign affairs.

8. Put business executives and generals in charge of cabinet agencies.

9. Use twitter and other social media to intimidate and bully adversaries.

10. Begin an audit of the Federal Reserve.

And that's just a start. As commander-in-chief, Donald Trump would have control over the nation's nuclear warheads, and its spy agencies (including domestic spying). He'd have enormous discretion over how the nation's laws were executed and administered -- labor laws, civil rights and voting rights, women's rights, environmental protection. And he's have the Bully Pulpit to spread his racist and xenophobic venom.

All of us owe it to ourselves, our children and grand children, our communities, nation, and the world, to do everything legally possible to prevent this utter idiot from becoming president of the United States.'

Politician, Christian minister, author, musician, and commentator Mike Huckabee also shared:

'John Kasich gave a moving and graceful, if somewhat overdue, departure speech, focused on the people who had supported his campaign rather than himself. I can sympathize with the disappointment he must feel, but like it or not, the people have spoken. The Republican Party now must come together and focus on keeping Hillary Clinton from becoming President and appointing Supreme Court Justices. President Obama spent eight years driving America toward a cliff. Electing Trump is now our only hope to put the car in reverse, or else let Hillary Clinton send us flying over the edge. Personally, I’m not interested in seeing America end like 'Thelma and Louise.'

Donald Trump shared typical post: 

'There is no question- I will defeat Crooked Hillary Clinton in November. It is time to take back our country - and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!'

Hillary Clinton's Voter said that:

The Republican Party is now the party of Trump. Here's what it stands for everything he said. The president's chair in the Oval Office has already got Hillary's name on it. It will be a fine day in American history when a truly capable woman finally gets to lead the greatest nation on earth. God bless Hillary Clinton and the United States of America.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton shared on Facebook:

'President Trump' is a dangerous proposition. Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio agree.'

'The Republican Party is now the party of Trump. Here's what it stands for.'

'Donald J. Trump: 'Everything I say, I'm going to do folks.' Here's what the presumptive Republican nominee would do as president.'

She also shared a video.  

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