Friday, May 6 2016 01:49 EEST
New NATO commander promises to find out what kind of weapons Ukraine needs
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The new NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, the US Army General Curtis Skaparrotti promised to find out what weapons Ukraine needs for its defense. He noted this at a press conference in the headquarters of NATO joint armed forces in the Belgian city of Mons, UNIAN reports.

'I believe that we should support Ukraine with everything it need for successful defense of the territory and sovereignty. I particularly will look at this as the commander. I have to evaluate what weapon is better, what abilities they can use, what abilities can reinforce them today,' Skaparrotti said.

Addressing to the relevant US Senate Committee, the General favoured providing Ukraine with weapons, so that 'it is able to use effectively,' in particular with anti-tank weapons.

The US permanent representative to the UN Samantha Power said that Washington didn’t give any lethal weapons to Ukraine in order not to provoke escalation of the conflict in the Donbass. According to her, providing lethal weapons to Ukraine would be a disaster for everyone.

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