Thursday, May 5 2016 18:41 EEST
MMA fighter Jeff Monson: ‘I have the Russian soul and I will fight for my Russia, even against USA'
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According to the 45-year-old follower of the mixed martial arts, he wouldn’t be enrolled in the army due to his age.

American and Russian mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Monson arrived in Yekaterinburg for a combat with Ivan Shtyrkov. During today’s press conference he said he would fight for Russia in case of war.

'Russia is my home now. I am ready to defend it, and if there is any sudden a military conflict with the participation of Russia, I’ll be ready to join the army. However, I probably wouldn’t be enrolled there, I'm too old for the army,' the 45-year-old athlete said as quoted by Tass.

Monson has tattoos with symbols of Russia, including the words 'freedom' and 'solidarity', a hammer and a sickle on his left shin, a red and black star on his chest and a tattoo of the Motherland monument on his left leg. The athlete often comes to rings to the anthem of the Soviet Union. In late April, Monson applied for membership in the Communist Party.

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