Thursday, May 5 2016 17:37 EEST
Nine miners were stocked after underground explosion in the LPR, their fate is unknown
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The explosion occurred in the Maloivanovskaya mine at Perevalsk of occupied Luhansk region on May 3, at 17:15. It resulted in a slide of rocks and coal in the mine. 13 miners were working under the ground at that moment.

Four miners managed to come to the surface themselves, but the fate of another nine miners remains unknown. The LPR Emergency Ministry reported that the incident’s reason is presumed to be an explosion of methane-air mixture.

They are carrying reconnaissance and extinguishing of rock-fall at the scene. Rescuers are searching for the miners who still are under the ground.

The 'people’s authorities' have declared a state of emergency at the 'state level'.

Moreover, it was reported that the DPR authorities had prepared "advanced" automatic technology of mining due to their inability to pay miners’ salaries.

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