Thursday, May 5 2016 16:12 EEST
Pro-Russian soldiers are delivering weapons and military equipment under cover of parade - Tymchuk
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Pro-Russian militants are repositioning the arms in the Donbass in the guise of preparations for a parade in honor of May 9, the head of the Information Resistance Dmytro Tymchuk says.

'During the last 3 days there is a significant increase in the movement of militants’ military equipment and weapons in the area of Donetsk and Luhansk. This repositioning of the weapons is explained as 'preparations for the parade on May 9', but in fact terrorist command of Russian troops is essentially repositioning its units from one sector to another,'he reported on Facebook.

According to Tymchuk, the enemy units who 'are working' in Spartak, Putylovka and near the village of Vesele in the guise of 'preparations for the parade' have received essential help and were reinforced at least with 'motorized company' and 8 armored vehicles.'

In addition, Tymchuk says that they have noticed moving of four 120-mm mortars and two MT-LB equipped with the ZU-23-2 near the railway station. Furthermore, ten units of BTR-80 were deployed to the northern part of Luhansk.

The head of the Information Resistance said that the militants tried to hide non-combat losses which had occurred during the 'Easter truce,' particularly due to firefights among drunk participants of illegal armed formations.

'These losses are used as propaganda and officially are considered to be shelling of the ATO forces that allegedly happened during the truce. Thus, the leadership of the LPR’s 'militia' officially stated that the victim of drunken fights in Sokolniki (Novoaydarsky district, Luhansk region) was killed by the 'sniper mercenaries from the Baltic states' who allegedly have been fighting on the side of the ATO forces there,' Tymchuk noted.

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