Thursday, May 5 2016 01:15 EEST
Terrible video from Russia: Putin regime sends thousands of pensioners and veterans of World War ll in concentration camp for their 'slow' death

Just bags of bones. The retirees could enjoy neither their old age, nor the life. 48 helpless people found themselves under one roof of two-storey house in the Avtonomnych Respublik Street. Some of them were blind and couldn’t walk. The shelter’s life is stunningly similar to a Nazi concentration camp.

All the old people say that they got the trip to the concentration camp in exchange of the bank cards and pensions. They haven’t seen 'live' money since that time. Everything is taken by Aleksey Novozhilov who is the organizer of the hospice, the people claim. However, he doesn’t visit this place too. His assistants bring food. There are two large bags of porridge, bread crumbs and salt on today’s menu. The daily rate is even less than of the Nazis: an absolute zero instead of 600 calories.

Police has discovered the people’s disastrous conditions today. Ambulances have arrived too. Doctors have already brought out the several prisoners on stretchers. The people are on the last stage of exhaustion.

'Two small pieces keep me up. I was absolutely healthy,' Pyotr Krypin says.

Local authorities have decided to take care of the guests’ future. The region currently has 116 free places for a temporary stay of people who find themselves in a difficult situation. Twenty-four hour adaption centers are ready to accept them. 

'As of today we are ready to place them in the city of Yekaterinburg. We have checked. We have 38 free places. In addition, we can take them to some other establishments of the region,' Dilara Medvedskaya, Deputy Minister of Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk region said.

Law enforcement officers are now trying to find out why the retirees were held in such inhumane conditions. They have put the hospice’s owner on a wanted list.

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