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LA County Sheriff honors teens for their Integrity, after returning $5,000 found outside bank
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A group of teenagers are being hailed for their honesty after they returned an envelope with $5,000 cash found near a bank parking lot in City of Industry.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department shared on Facebook:

'While walking home after hanging out at the Puente Hills Mall, three friends and students at Wilson High in Hacienda Heights spotted something that piqued their interest: a little bag lying in the ground in the mall parking lot near East West Bank.

'We thought it was very strange and out of place so I slowly opened it,' said 17-year-old Alfonso Herrera.

What they found was an envelope with about $5,000 in cash.

'I was expecting it to be nothing in there and I saw all the money and was like, 'Oh my God!' said Cassandra Figueroa, 17.

'We started freaking out, like, 'What do we do?' said Josh Lliteras, 17.

The teens briefly thought about keeping the cash, pondering on Disneyland passes, iPhones and other things they could buy. But as they started counting it, their conscious kicked in.

'That could have been someone's rent,' said Figueroa.

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After discussing what they should do, the friends decided to return the money. The bank was closed for the day so they turned the cash over to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Industry station.

The sheriff's department honored the three teens with proclamations for doing the right thing.

'You guys could have easily divided the money three ways and nobody would've known,' LA County Sheriff's Capt. Tim Murakami told the teens. 'Since you guys are so honest, I need to be honest too: When I was 17, I don't know if I would've done what you guys did.'

The rightful owner of the money found can reach LASD's Industry Station at 626-330-3322.'

So far, no one has claimed the cash. There's an official waiting period, but once that is over, if no one has come forward, the money will be divided among the three teenagers.

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