Wednesday, May 4 2016 20:11 EEST
The regime of Bashar Al-Assad has been cooperating with Daesh over oil, gas and power supplies
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Syria’s official authorities in the person of the President Bashar al-Assad have been cooperating with the leaders of Daesh, including oil trading.

This became known from the media referring to the information that had been received from the fugitive terrorists.

According to the published data, Assad’s army and Daesh militants have got certain contacts. It is assumed that the armed Islamists left Palmyra in coordination with the Syrian government.

In addition, a lot of other facilities and areas held by Daesh had been evacuated before Syrian army started its attack.

It also became known about regular sales of oil resources between the Syrian authorities and militants.

According to journalists’ definition, it’s impossible to confirm authenticity of the information using reliable sources. However, they drew attention to the fact that a series of information leaks distributed by the same channels, had been confirmed.

The official charges against Assad’s oil trade operations with the terrorists were voiced in 2015 by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to Dialog.UA, some data point to talks between the Syrian president and the supreme leadership of Iran. It is assumed that Assad can get asylum from Tehran and will continue his fighting against the Syrian opposition there.

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