Tuesday, May 3 2016 19:00 EEST
US Air Force can start shooting Russian fighters at certain moment - Donald Trump
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According to the US presidential candidate, Russian fighters’ maneuvers reflect total disrespect for America and Obama.

The US presidential candidate Donald Trump, commented on the incident with the Russian Su-27 that had carried out a barrel roll near the American plane and said that the US Air Force could open fire at a certain moment. He noted that this could take place if there were no other ways to solve the situation diplomatically.

The statement was made by Trump on the radio in Indiana, BuzzFeed reports.

According to Trump, 'it would be OK, if the current US President Barack Obama called Vladimir Putin just after the incident and said: do me a favor, stop this maniac.'

However, the USA doesn’t have a president who could do this, Trump complained, noting that Obama was busy with playing and other similar things.

'And if that doesn’t work, at a certain moment when the parasite is close to you, you should shoot. This is a shame. This is complete disrespect for our country and Obama in particular. You know, they don’t respect him,' Trump said.

Trump promises to make peace with the Russian Federation from the "position of force". According to him, the armed US forces will have to develop at one rate with military programs in China and Russia.

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