Wednesday, May 4 2016 03:24 EEST
Restless terrorist Zakharchenko says about attempted murder again: Searches and patrols in Donetsk have been intensified
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The DPR Security Ministry continues its activity in Donetsk to find "groups of liquidators" from the ATO forces, who have allegedly entered occupied Donetsk on the eve of the Easter holidays.

According to the coordinator of the IR group Dmitry Tymchuk, the DPR Security Ministry says that several special groups entered Donetsk before the May holidays to defeat the DPR’s leaders.

Due to this fact, the elite of the 'republic' ordered to reinforce access control and patrolling the streets, especially during curfew hours. In addition, the number of searches of businesses and houses has been dramatically increased.

In late April, the leader of the DPR’s terrorists Alexandr Zakharchenko claimed the failed assassination attempt on him. The leader of the militants organized a large press conference, where he explained how and who wanted to blow him up.

Ukrainian political experts believe that statement to be an attempt to remind the Kremlin and Kiev about him. Both Ukraine and Russia know that Zakharchenko is just a puppet whose liquidation wouldn’t change the current situation in the DPR.

Furthermore, it was reported that a journalist and political analyst Kirill Sazonov had commented on the terrorists’ statement of the attempt on their leader Alexandr Zakharchenko.

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