Wednesday, May 4 2016 02:00 EEST
Millions of fine: Driver faces $1,000,000 speeding fine in Switzerland
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Drivers have to pay a million dollars for exceeding the speed limit.

Swiss police fined the driver for speeding. The fine really is worthy of a record in the Guinness Book. The Swiss citizen likes fast driving but still won’t hog for long time, as nobody would like to be fined a million dollars. The traffic police found that the man had exceeded the maximum permissible speed limit and as a result he was fined an impressive sum of money.

As soon as the Swiss who liked fast driving so much, saw the sum written in the ticket he could not believe his eyes. The road-hog was shocked at one million dollars of the fine. This impressive figure did not appear by chance. Switzerland has adopted a law according to which fines for various offenses are not fixed. The fine is calculated on the basis of the offender’s salary and can be really stunning. We can only guess about the road-hog’s salary, as he was fined the million for his quick ride.

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