Wednesday, May 4 2016 01:20 EEST
Russia actively imports modern weapons to Crimea - Intelligence service
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Russia actively imports new types of weapons to Crimea, including submarines equipped with advanced cruise missiles and coastal defense systems. Furthermore, it enhances aviation and marine groups, the representative of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine Vadym Skybytskiy said as quoted by the Crym.Realii.

'New kinds of modern weapons and military equipment are being imported there. The weapons just couldn’t be imported before the annexation of Crimea,' he said.

'For example, the first things that were imported there are new submarines equipped with advanced cruise missiles, which can cover all the territory of Ukraine. They have imported coastal defense systems. Both aircraft and ship group are being reinforced in Crimea' Skybytskiy added.

The Ukrainian intelligence provides regular reports on the Russian weapons’ movement in annexed Crimea, as well as on training of Russian army in the peninsula.

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