Tuesday, May 3 2016 16:12 EEST
President Barack Obama reveals funny video about his future plans
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US President Barack Obama shared a video where he jestingly revealed his plans after leaving the White House. Video was posted on the official You Tube channel of the presidential administration.

At the very beginning of the video, Obama asks Vice President Joe Biden for advice and then unsuccessfully tries to become a coach in the NBA club that is known as Washington Wizards. Answering the question about his experience to get the job, he says: "I’ve coached my daughter’s team for several times."

He also tries to get a driving license, but his middle name Hussein makes the official suspicious and his birth certificate issued in Hawaii, completely convinces her that he’s a cheater.

Obama decides to try his hand at advertising saying “Obamacare is an excellent thing and it really works!" in his wife Michelle’s iPhone. However, the filter installed in the phone turns Obama’s face into a monster mask.

In the end, the president asks a former Speaker of the House John Boehner for advice and he tells Obama to take everything easier. After all, the president finds inner peace and the video ends with an extract from a news release: the announcer reports Obama "is taking the 347th golf round and nobody cares."

US presidential election will be held on November 8, 2016 and Obama will leave his post in January 2017. He said that his family was about to live in Washington for several years, so that his youngest daughter Sasha could graduate from her school. The president did not exclude that Obamas could leave for Hawaii or for Chicago, where his wife Michelle had been born.

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