Tuesday, May 3 2016 04:55 EEST
NYPD: Meet field training Police officer Dennis Jaeger
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'One of my best friends was a police officer and he liked it. He suggested the job to me and we later wound up working together at the 113,' said Police Officer Dennis Jaeger.

New York Police Department shared on Facebook

Police officer Jaeger was approached about a year ago to become a Field Training Officer (FTO) because of his experience in the command, and the fact that he spent his entire 10-year career at the 113 Precinct in Queens.

'I enjoy being a part of the program because it’s great to show somebody the ins and outs of being a police officer. It’s not always easy to adjust from job to job, we wear many hats,' Officer Jaeger added.

Officer Jaeger explained that a benefit of the program is that the two new officers assigned to each FTO are teamed up with an experienced officer in a patrol car. This lets them to discuss the previous incidents they responded to and allows him to help prepare the officers for the jobs they are about to respond to. The new officers get to see first-hand how a veteran police officer interacts with the public to build trust, uses communication skills to gain voluntary compliance, and always maintains situational awareness for their safety and others.

Police Officer Jaeger described that as an FTO, he along with the new officers get to connect with the community.
'As an FTO you get to go to community meetings and find out the needs of residents, then you can address those concerns on patrol. The community gets to see how we are responding to what they share with us,' said Officer Jaeger.

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