Tuesday, May 3 2016 02:38 EEST
Social networks 'laugh' at Putin’s gift for Patriarch Kirill
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Social networks’ users laugh at the original gift of Russian President Vladimir Putin he presented to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) Patriarch Kirill. It’s a bouquet of white flowers.

The pic was made after the festive liturgy in the Christ the Savior Cathedral and posted on the site of Russian President. It shows Putin presenting a bouquet of white calla lilies to Patriarch Kirill.

Patriarch Kirill in his turn presented Russian leader decorative Easter eggs made by the church’s jewelers. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his wife Svetlana received a similar gift.

"Callas ... they usually bring them to funerals and the deceased," one of the users noted in his comment to the post.

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