Sunday, May 1 2016 21:57 EEST
Russian surnames officially banned in Tajikistan
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When receiving new documents, all the citizens of Tajikistan are to get surnames and patronymics with Tajik endings only. Surnames and patronymics with Russian endings are now banned.

'This decision was made after the adoption of amendments to the law 'On civil registration' that had been signed in late March by the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon,' Deputy Head of the Directorate of Civil Status Registers in the Ministry of Justice Jaloliddin Rakhimov said as quoted by RIA Novosti.

The official has noted that according to the law, surnames are to be formed with Tajik endings 'zod', 'zoda', 'j', 'iyon', 'far' (e. g., Karimzod or Karimzoda).

According to Rahimov, the residents who’d like to keep such endings as 'ov', 'ova', 'ovich', 'ovna' in their children’s documents are undergoing some explanatory work.

'In our talks with them we explain that our aim is tajikization of surnames. If the situation does not change, then in 10 years our children will be divided into two groups: one of them will have Tajik surnames and the other – foreign ones. We need to have and develop our national and patriotic feelings,' the official said. According to him, these changes don’t apply to those who have already had surnames with Russian endings and have no intention to change their documents.

The President of Tajikistan first thought of Russian endings’ replacement in March 2007. He then changed his name from Emomali Sharifovich Rahmonov to Emomali Rahmon and a lot of officials followed his example.

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