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We will never forget who is guilty of thousands of deaths in the Donbass and who is responsible for them - Denis Kazanskiy
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A lot of the Donbass inhabitants took pro-Ukrainian position after the last Ukrainian rally in Donetsk two years ago, on April 28, 2014. One of numerous bloggers Denis Kazanskiy showed all the reasons of such a drastic change in the people’s mood and revealed the true face of the Russian world.

Just like Rinat Leonidovich now, we were eager the Donbass to be heard on that day. We went in the streets to say that the Donbass would like to be with Ukraine, not with the DPR. But we weren’t heard. The peaceful demonstration was attacked by armed Nazi bastards who injured the protesters severely. They beat to kill, both men and women. They shot, threw shells wrapped with tape and nails. A nail stuck in one girl’s neck before my very eyes. There still is no exact data about any number of deaths on that day.

'I wrote this post two years ago, after the last Ukrainian rally in Donetsk, on April 28, 2014. I will remember this post every year. So that everyone can remember who started the war. So that everyone can remember who is guilty and who is responsible. We will never forget this' Kazanskiy wrote in the social network.

Now I know that the Soviet history has no word of truth about Bandera. I can see how they made monsters out of them, how they lied, because I have a living example before my eyes. I can see how Russia is lying now, and I can see that it has always been lying. That all the things written about Ukraine in the Russian books and made in Russian movies are just lies and slander. If they manage to tell lies in the internet age, when all the information is in the network then let alone the 30-40s.

The ITAR-TASS news agency wrote that Ukrainian nationalists had attacked an anti-Nazi demonstration in Donetsk.

The whole today’s Ukrainian demonstration in Donetsk had no Ukrainian-speaking person. There were no banners except national Ukrainian ones. It was not a clash according to the principle of 'fascist vs. anti-fascist', even in that perverted conception of the Russian Federation. It was the slaughter of Russian Ukrainians by Nazis for the fact they were Ukrainians. It was ethnic purge.

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