Saturday, April 30 2016 23:10 EEST
The International Criminal Court in The Hague has begun to study the documents on war crimes committed by Russia in eastern Ukraine
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The International Criminal Court in The Hague started studying materials of war crimes which had been made by the Russian Federation in eastern Ukraine, the Polish Sejm’s deputy and the report’s co-author Malgozhata Hosyevska on her page in Facebook.

'Due to the support of the Polish Embassy in The Hague, on April 22, I met representatives of the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. The statement on suspicion of committing a number of crimes under the Rome Statute, as well as the 500-page report with evidences were accepted with great interest,' she wrote.

According to her, the Office of the Prosecutor will make its decision to start investigation against the persons mentioned in the report on the basis of the material.

'The meeting’s duration and the questions asked to detail the situation let me guess that the issue was considered very seriously,' Hosyevska wrote.

After the future investigation’s start it’s possible to bring new evidences, she added.

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