Saturday, April 30 2016 21:04 EEST
Ukrainian hackers took over popular pro-terrorist propaganda site
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Anna News

Ukrainian hackers from Falcons Flame and Trinity alliance have cracked a popular separatist propagandistic site that is known as Anna-news.

The site now contains just a video that announces the hacking. The video depicts a man in a mask of Guy Fawkes which is known as an international symbol of hackers. A computer voice-over speaks in Russian on the background of subway’s noise.

'Hi everyone. You are at Lviv subway station. And all the Ukrainian hackers are addressing to our opponents and allies in this video. If you are watching the video, this means that we have cleared the information space from one more Russian terrorists’ site,' the voice says.

First of all it refers to the opponents telling them that the site has been completely destroyed. Furthermore, the voice said that all the data of the site’s users and administrators were sent to Ukrainian volunteers and security services.

'We give you the last chance to start from scratch and not use the information space for cheating and terror,' the voice added.

In its addressing to friends the voice said that "Georgia, Ukraine and Syria have faced mean terrorist aggression of Russian Federation.'

'A lot of us have lost homes, relatives and dear people. But the key to victory over the aggressor lays in the consolidation of society,' the statement noted.

The voice urges everyone to 'cause damage to the enemy' and in particular, by buying no Russian goods, disbelieving Russian media, supporting Ukrainian soldiers and patriots.

'Together we are force that will win the war against the mean and deceitful enemy. Glory to Ukraine!' the voice concluded.

Anna-news is known as one of the main promotional resources that glorifies fighters of the Donbass and supports Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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