Saturday, April 30 2016 17:50 EEST
A Polish and a Russian submarine have been involved in a collision in the Baltic Sea
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According to the channel’s sources, the Russian submarine received no significant damage and left for the base after its emersion. The Krasnodar submarine that belonged to the Russian Navy clashed with the Polish Orzel (Ozhel) submarine in the Baltic Sea near the coast of the Pillau peninsula, REN TV reported.

According to a report on the channel's website, the incident occurred several days ago.

The sources noted that the Russian submarine had received no significant damage and left for the naval base just after its emersion. At the same time, the Polish Ozhel had to be towed from the point of impact after the emersion.

However, some Polish media write that the Russian submarine got minor injuries after the collision and was sent to the Admiralty Shipyard (St. Petersburg).

It was said that the Russian Defense Ministry had not given any comment on the incident yet.

According to REN TV, the Ozhel is a diesel submarine of the 877E project. It was created in the USSR and sent to Poland in 1986. The submarine is equipped with six 533 mm caliber torpedo tubes, up to 18 torpedoes or 24 mines. Four more submarines were given to the Polish Naval Forces by the Great Britain in the early 2000s and had had English names before.

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