Saturday, April 30 2016 05:03 EEST
American strategic reconnaissance aircraft is heading east to the Baltic Sea region
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On Friday, a strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force RC-135W with the call sign AWOKE85 left British air base for another task in the Baltic Sea region, air portals reported.

During the seven-hour flight the plane is to spend about two hours near the Russian border in the Baltic Sea. A similar reconnaissance flight that lasted 11 hours was made by the same plane with the hull No 62-4131 on Wednesday.

On April 14, the alert forces of the Russian air defense systems found an unknown aerial target over the Baltic Sea, which was heading to the state border at a high speed.

"To identify the target the alert forces of the Baltic Fleet aviation raised the Su-27 fighter that overflew and identified the object as a reconnaissance plane RC-135U which belonged to the US Air Force," the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry Major-General Igor Konashenkov said.

After the visual contact with the Russian Su-27, the reconnaissance plane RC-135U changed its course to the opposite side from the Russian border.

The European Command of the US Armed Forces in its turn said that the Russian aircraft "carried out chaotic and aggressive maneuvers." In particular, it flew 15 meters from the US plane’s wing, a spokesman for the European Command Dani Hernandez noted.

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