Friday, April 29 2016 22:15 EEST
French parliament to discuss possibility of lifting anti-Russian sanctions
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An official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France commented on the Parliament resolution on cancellation of the sanctions against Russia.

The issue of lifting restrictions depends on implementation of the Minsk agreements, the diplomat stressed. 

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France Romain Nadal gave comments on adoption of the resolution about cancellation of sanctions against Russia by the Lower Chamber of the country’s Parliament. He mentioned that this issue depends on implementation of the Minsk agreements. This was reported by the public affairs office of the Ukrainian Embassy in France on Facebook.

'We take note of today’s National Assembly’s adoption of the resolution calling on the government to cancel the restrictive measures introduced by the European Union against Russia', the press secretary said. 

However, the government is aware of the responsibility France bears as the member of the European Parliament and the participant of the Normandy format, therefore the EU sanctions remain linked to fulfillment of the Minsk agreements. 

'This should be taken into account when restoring them in future. It is important to preserve the European unity – the key to our efficiency', Nadal emphasized.

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