Friday, April 29 2016 16:15 EEST
'Ukrgazdobycha' has discovered a field in Shevchenkivsky district of Kharkiv region, Ukraine with estimated reserves of 290,000 tonnes of conventional fuel
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The 'Black Gold' is situated at a depth of 2,100 meters. Oil deposits were discovered in Shevchenko district of Kharkiv region.

According to information presented by PJSC 'Ukrgazdobycha' preliminary figures indicate that about 290 thousand tons of reference fuel is presented at a depth from 2,100 down to 2,200 meters. Some additional zones of interest were discovered in the drilled hole, higher in the succession. And this fact offers the challenge for further exploration in this field. 

According to the main geologist of 'Ukrgazdobycha', Mikhail Machuzhak in their attempts to increase volumes of extraction specialists activate prospecting and exploration at all potential oil-and-gas fields.

'During the last six months we performed more seismic explorations than during the four previous years. We also increase volumes of prospecting and exploratory drilling. Increasing the resource base is the principal component of Program 20|20 implementation presupposing output of 20 billion cubic meters of gas in 2020,' Machuzhak informed.

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