Friday, April 29 2016 03:40 EEST
Russian debt collectors are threatening a woman with harm: 'Sell your kidney or give your apartment away – otherwise, you will have problems!'
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A resident of St. Petersburg, having contracted a debt of mere 25 thousand rubles, signed a pact with the devil: now the sum the woman is demanded to pay is four times larger, and she is threatened with great harm in case of non-payment.

A huge debt appeared due to the late payment. St. Petersburg’s resident Ekaterina says that her debt is constantly growing at an exponential rate.

Her story started at a time when she took a microloan to the amount of 25 thousand rubles at an annual percentage rate of 225%. The woman paid assiduously for some time, but her husband lost a job afterwards, and the financial condition of the family became instable. As the result, the payments remained expired for several weeks.

Ekaterina told Russian media that she borrowed the necessary amount of money from her friends with the aim of paying off a debt in advance. However, the monetary institution declined to accept only this sum of money, stating that despite early repayment of debt, she still ought to pay 50 thousand rubles.

The startled woman replied that she doesn’t have the required amount of money, and offered to clench the matter in court. However, the company of microloans passed the debt to collectors. Since that moment, Ekaterina’s life turned into a nightmare: open threats and insults were hurled at her. She was threatened with problems and demanded to sell her kidney or give her property away to the agency.

The amount of money is growing to thousands of rubles with every new message.

It was earlier reported that Russian debt collectors cruelly spifflicated the family from Novosibirsk. 

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