Friday, April 29 2016 02:45 EEST
Life in the 'superstate': Pensioner in Russia cold-bloodedly slaughtered a man for 30 rubles grabbed in coins
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As the media reports, three metallic 10-ruble coins were accidentally dropped by a 70-year-old Mikhail Gadukovich. At the same place, a 53-year-old Aleksandr Gubert, who was standing on porch of the building, quickly picked the coins up and refused to give them back to the owner. Besides that, he accused the pensioner of passing information concerning other residents of the administration.

Within the next two hours, the men repeatedly created a melee, followed by verbal exchanges. Each time, the guards had to set them apart.

Eventually, Gadukovich started threatening Gubert with a knife. The latter decided to go away from the armed “victim”, but he unexpectedly fell on his back.

Gadukovich quickly approached his offender and stabbed him in his heart with the knife, whereupon he attempted to escape the scene of the crime.

According to senior investigator of the Investigative Committee in the Kirov district Svetlana Klishyna, Gadukovich admitted his guilt in felonious homicide. In accordance with the law, he has to face up to 15 years imprisonment.

It is important to mention that it is not the first criminal charge against the man. Before the last incident, he was convicted of severe beating of a citizen, as a result of which the victim died.

Crime investigators also cannot understand how one of the residents with criminal records could freely walk around the building with a knife in his pocket. Law enforcement officers are currently investigating the details of the lethal incident. 

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