Friday, April 29 2016 01:15 EEST
Ukrainian aircraft design engineers are developing a new multirole fighter
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President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko got acquainted with the project of a new Ukrainian twin-engine multirole fighter during his visit to Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau Progress State Enterprise named after Academician A.G. Ivchenko, reports.

Ukrainian aircraft designers presented sketches of the project dedicated to the creation of Ukrainian multirole fighter, which was named 'LBL' (Lehkyi Boyovyi Litak, which is translated as Light Combat Aircraft). A new aircraft will externally resemble a Soviet fighter MiG-29. However, Ukrainian engine unit in the form of two engines developed on the basis of AI-322F will be combined with avionics of Western and Ukrainian manufacture.

Currently, the development of the new fighter is at its conceptual design stage. According to its characteristics and purpose, the aircraft will resemble Russian fighter MiG-35, Swedish JAS 39 Gripen, and Chinese FC-1 Xiaolong.

Besides, Petro Poroshenko claimed, 'We will manage to create our own aircraft engine for the fighter in the nearest time.'

He also admitted that only five countries in the world have enough potential to independently create such aircraft engines today.

The exact characteristics of the new fighter, as well as the project completion date remain unknown. 

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