Thursday, April 28 2016 03:46 EEST
DNR’s adherent: Putin, your bombs and thousands of killed Kyivans will bring peace and solace to our home
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An elderly devotee of DNR from Donetsk requests Russian President Vladimir Putin to begin a military attack on the capital of Ukraine and bomb Verkhovna Rada to dust.

Another annoying video of the DNR adherent appeared on the Internet. A woman with a flag of the fake republic asserts that “peaceful residents” of the occupied Donbass didn’t infract the Constitution of Ukraine. What is more, she sees nothing criminal in the presence of a large collection of weapons and military equipment, as well as in demolition of peaceful towns and cities by pro-Russian mercenaries. According to the supporter of the “Russian World”, starting up a warfare means protection of own home and health.

'Vladimir Vladimirovich, regain some order, please. I am willing to enter upon Verkhovna Rada, to be an aimer, and draw the fire of the enemy, in order for this ominous nest, which carries horrors of war for the whole nation, to fall,' an unknown woman claimed.

Despite such ardent devotedness to the Russian World, the woman assured that residents of Donbass have been tired of the war. 

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