Thursday, April 28 2016 03:18 EEST
Russian colonels behave heinously in Donbass: They fire subordinates for no reason and go mad
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Ukrainian intelligence service informed about subsequent insanities of the colonel from Russia Aleksandr Bushuev, who creates total chaos in the occupied Donbass.

Only during the last week, two inspections were carried out against Bushuev, which is a sheer nonsense for the senior officer of Russian mercenaries in Donbass.

'The main target of the inspections is Сommander of the seventh separate motorized rifle brigade, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, Aleksandr Bushuev. The Corps is trying to get rid of him by means of training assignment to the General staff academy of the Russian Federation´s Armed Forces,' the intelligence service statement reads.

According to the data from intelligence officers, Bushuev constantly provokes scandals with the staff officers of the seventh separate motorized rifle brigade and accuses mercenaries of service sabotage.

'Bushuev suspended food supply officer of the brigade from his duties, allegedly for an awful management of militants’ nutrition. Emotionally disturbed colonel lost more than 20 kilograms as a result of a nervous breakdown. However, he tries to point a finger of blame at the suspended mercenary, undertaking radical measures,' the intelligence service informs.

'The command of 2 AK admits that the colonel Bushuev is prone to filibusterism and non-observance of military discipline. He delivered orders to fire on ATO forces from checkpoints of the third battalion of the motor rifle brigade, and, as a result, the militants sustained heavy losses. Therefore, Bushuev was admonished of adequacy due to the unauthorized order to shell the checkpoints of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which caused a temporary breakdown of the contact detachment management system,' the intelligence officers told.

Earlier, a Russian mercenary, who is serving his sentence in Ternopil colony, confessed that he had witnessed unbelievable atrocities on the part of Russians in Donbass. He says that if he suddenly shows up in Russia, he will be quickly liquidated. 

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