Thursday, April 28 2016 02:15 EEST
'Ordered to Kill': Terrorist Zakharchenko warned that every armed representative of OSCE in 'DNR' will be shot down
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The leader of Donetsk militia group Zakharchenko stated that if even one armed representative of the OSCE police mission appears in the occupied territory, he will be immediately executed because DNR will recognize it as intervention.

In such a manner, the rebel military commander reacted to the possible deployment of the OSCE armed police mission in Donbas.

'If they decide to appear armed here, I will consider it an intervention. I will order to shoot all armed OSCE militants, destroying any their intention to appear here with weapon,' stated the terrorist.

Zakharchenko thinks that OSCE Mission has obtained a mandate to monitor the situation, therefore, it doesn’t have the right to use weapons.

However, the deployment of the OSCE armed police mission in Donbas is one the top-priority conditions in order to hold the elections in the occupied territories.

At the beginning of April, Ukraine addressed international observers from the OSCE, requesting the deployment of armed checkpoints along Russia's border. In response, terrorists began to threaten Ukraine with a full-scale war, which will also affect Western countries.

As previously mentioned, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko defined main functions of the armed OSCE police mission in Donbas, claiming that its deployment will discomfit the supply of Russian military equipment to the separatist forces and provide a chance to return the occupied territories under the control of Ukraine. 

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