Thursday, April 28 2016 01:30 EEST
Netherlands will soon allocate the proposal to the Council of the European Union regarding cancellation of visas for Ukrainians – Pieter de Gooijer
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Dutch government intends to initiate a discussion in the Council of the European Union related to the European Commission proposal on the provision of visa-free regime for citizens of Ukraine. It became known due to the announcement of Pieter de Gooijer, the Dutch Ambassador to the EU.

According to him, member states of the EU are currently discussing provisions of the legislative initiative recently adopted by the European Commission.

'I suppose we will hold a few more rounds of negotiations. As E.U. Presidency holder, we pursue an aim to facilitate the procedure. Thus, we are looking forward to an open and constructive debate in the working group and the Committee of Permanent Representatives in order to introduce the issue for consideration by the European Council as soon as possible, during the next few months,' claimed Gooijer.

Nevertheless, the diplomat specified that it is necessary to win a majority for the sake of successful adoption of this proposal. He emphasized that the Netherlands now aims to make a significant contribution towards helping Ukraine yield positive results. 

Despite such heartwarming promises, it should be not forgotten that a consultative referendum was recently held in various Dutch cities and towns. The main question of the referendum was aimed to reveal attitudes of Dutch citizens to the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, as well as Ukraine’s further path to European-style government. The results appeared to be unfavourable since the majority of voters were against the agreements.

According to Dialog.Ua, despite such voting results, the Dutch government ratified the association document. In this regard, Pavlo Klimkin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, expressed his gratitude to Netherlands.  

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