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What is 'National Police Wives Association' ? - It is an honor, strength, pride!
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The thing about NPWA is it’s not just an organization, it has a heart, a meaning, and a friendship that not many other places can provide to others.

National Police Wives Association shared this post on Facebook:

Sent to us by a K-9 LEO wife:

'I don't think the feeling, that miserable pit in your stomach, ever goes away. I think we just grow stronger as LEO wives and for me also in my faith. I'm a stronger wife and mother because of his job but more specifically from nights like tonight. He sees it too he sees you taking care of the kids all by yourself, shuttling them to school, getting dinner ready for the night, and still making it to work yourself. That same feeling we have when we hear them pull in the driveway and hear the Velcro of their Kevlar coming off, they have that same sense of relief every time they get that 3:04am call they know they can leave and go protect the city because you are a strong wife and mother and are protecting their safe place at home.

It's 3:04am and you hear the 'mmmm' of his cellphone vibrating against the night stand. I don't even have to open my eyes, I know it's work calling him in. What is it this time? A burglary? Someone who ran? A missing child?

I can hear dispatch on the other line giving him the details and asking his ETA. He tells them 15 minutes. Instantly, I get that horrible pit in my stomach. You know the one that doesn't go away until you hear the patrol car pulling back into driveway or sometimes not until you hear the velcro of his Kevlar coming off.

The kids will be up in a few hours expecting daddy to help get them ready and take them to school. But I'll have to tell them daddy is at work. They will understand as they always do but you can see the same look in their eye that look of half proud and half sad that they have to share their daddy with the rest of the town.

He kisses me goodbye and that pit just gets heavier. I say my usual prayers and pray for his protection. My day started at 3:04am. The other moms and colleagues won't understand why I look tired and stressed and they will all share their weekend stories while all I can think about is him coming home and what's going on and is he safe or did they catch the guy that made my husband leave his safe place so early this morning.'

National Police Wives Association (NPWA) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting law enforcement spouses and families and providing resources to those new to the law enforcement community.

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