Wednesday, April 27 2016 02:38 EEST
Alaska State trooper Varys responded to investigate a 'difficult' case: Missing or stolen bunny
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Alaska State Trooper Facebook page

Last Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Trooper Varys responded to a report of a missing or stolen bunny. When he arrived on scene to investigate this very unusual call, he encountered a sad little girl who was missing her beloved bunny who goes by the name 'Mr. Cotton Tail.'

Now, keep in mind, this is Alaska and there are a multitude of things that could have happened to Mr. Cotton Tail. And even though the good trooper was definitely going to investigate this case to its fullest extent, he wanted to do something to help ease the little girl’s pain. So, he called up her parents and asked them to bring the family down to a local pet store. There, Trooper Varys bought the family a new bunny! And if that weren’t awesome enough, a neighbor found Mr. Cotton Tail -- he was reunited with his family and new bunny-sibling!

How sweet is Trooper Varys?! Hats tipped…

Alaska State Trooper Facebook page

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