Wednesday, April 27 2016 00:50 EEST
Mike Huckabee: Deciding how to vote is starting to feel like playing 3D Chess while binge-watching 'Game of Thrones'
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American politician Mike Huckabee made an interesting announcement on his Facebook page due to United States presidential election.

He shared: 'Voting used to be so simple. You just decided which candidates best represented your views and checked the boxes next to their names. But this year, voters are being bombarded with polls and delegate predictions and strategic voting advice (support a candidate you don’t like to keep one you like even less from beating the one you do like, etc.), that deciding how to vote is starting to feel like playing 3D Chess while binge-watching 'Game of Thrones.' '

The latest twist is that Cruz and Kasich have struck an unprecedented alliance to try to block Trump from reaching 1237 delegates. Instead of splitting the anti-Trump vote, Kasich won’t contest Indiana while Cruz won’t campaign in Oregon and New Mexico. It gives a new meaning to the phrase 'win by losing.' And are you really surprised at how Donald Trump reacted to the news?'

'Today, five states vote in what’s known as the 'Amtrak primary,' and that’s not because a couple of campaigns are likely to go off the rails today. It’s because the races are all in the northeastern train commuter corridor: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island. Polls show that Trump and Clinton are likely to win all five. For Trump, it means he could end the day with as many as 968 delegates. For Hillary, it means that her fait accompli candidacy will be even more accompli’ed, with Bernie’s odds of beating her going from 'snowball’s chance in Hades' to 'snowball’s chance in a microwave in Hades.'

Pollster Scott Rasmussen ran down the remaining 10 states for Fox News and found that if current polls are accurate, Trump could go into the convention with anywhere from just enough delegates to about a hundred short with Ted Cruz a couple hundred behind him. The latter would mean the convention would go to a second ballot, and as they say in Texas, “Now we got us a rodeo!” It will make for riveting television, and I advise you not to bet the rent money on any particular outcome.'

Michael Dale 'Mike' Huckabee is an American politician, Christian minister, author, and commentator who served as the 44th Governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007.

Huckabee announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election, in Hope, Arkansas, on May 5, 2015. It was his second run for the U.S. presidency. He suspended his campaign on February 1, 2016.

The United States presidential election of 2016, scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016, will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election. Voters will select presidential electors who in turn will elect a new president and vice president through the Electoral College. 

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