Tuesday, April 26 2016 23:29 EEST
Hovi Star, Israel's Eurovision entrant, had been on the receiving end of humiliating treatment from border guards at Moscow airport
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According to Ynetnews, Hovi Star said that officials at Moscow airport told him he cannot enter the country and tore his passport apart. The singer believes that the border guards tore his passport only because he is gay.

Hovi Star: 'In Moscow, people have a rough time with people like me, maybe because I’m gay, maybe because I dress like this, maybe because I wear makeup – I don’t know.'

He added: 'I just took the brunt, probably the next sexual minority representative will be met with more understanding in Russia.'

'I had to go to the Israeli embassy to get a new passport issued and to get myself photographed five minutes before I went onstage.'

At the same time, the singer noted that Israeli people don't understand him too. He also admitted that people, who are a bit different from those with a conservative lifestyle, are treated more fairly in Europe.

In conclusion, Hovi said that he doesn't like to involve press in such negative stories that happen to him. So, initially, he didn't want to talk about the incident in Moscow. However, as soon as the press found out what had happened, many fans expressed their support.

Following the incident, Star received an outpouring of support on social media. 'There's a lot in Russian that I don't understand, but they also write to me in English.'

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