Tuesday, April 26 2016 21:50 EEST
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Hammers and pieces of armature were used for killing the former head of the Syzran police Angrey Gosht – Russian Interior Ministry
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The details of terrible death of the former head of Syzran police Andrew Gosht and five of his relatives are known. A deputy chief of the Samara Region police in southern Russia has been found murdered alongside his wife Svetlana, his elderly parents and five of his relatives in their village house.

Criminals, who burst into his parents' house, killed all people present there with hammers and fragments of armature. In addition, it is possible that the house was booby-trapped. By the way, the General of Justice Alexander Bastrykin ordered to transfer the investigation to the main department.

The investigation is currently considering different versions of the incident in the Ivashevka village nearby Syzran.

However, the cruelty seen in the wake of violence over the victims shows that it could be probably the revenge of crime bosses.

It has been learned that the killers ran into the house of Gosht’s parents, where he arrived with his wife.The whole family was beaten with hammers and fragments of fittings. 

Only his niece, 7-year-old Sofia, was fortunate to survive. However, she is seriously wounded in the head and abdomen, currently being in a coma. Gosht's colleagues believe that he was targeted in revenge for cracking down on a local criminal gang

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