Tuesday, April 26 2016 03:10 EEST
Unbelievable provocation: Russian media expounded the 'sensation' that Ukraine and CIA allegedly shot down Malaysian Boeing MH-17 over the Donbas
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BBC is going to present a new documentary film of 'The Conspiracy Files' series, in which journalists will sort out different opinions to puzzle out the tragedy.

However, according to 'Apostrophe', Russian media expounded the announcement about this documentary, stating that Ukraine and CIA are guilty in the crash of Malaysian Boeing MH-17.

The Daily Mail announcement became the basis for a new Russian artifice. The original article tells that "new evidence suggests that the downing of the Malaysian Airlines plane MH17 was caused by a shot from a Ukrainian fighter jet rather than a ground-to-air missile. The damning allegations will be revealed in a BBC documentary which puts forward a number of theories as to why the aircraft exploded. It is even argued that the tragedy was caused by a CIA-backed 'terrorist operation.'

However, the official BBC website directly points out that separatists apparently shot down the aircraft.

According to annotation: 'All 298 people on board a Malaysia Airlines plane lost their lives after the jet crashed into a field in eastern Ukraine, close to the border with Russia. The US has accused pro-Russian separatists of shooting down the plane with a missile, probably by mistake. Russia has blamed Ukrainian government forces. The dead include 283 passengers – of which 80 are children – and 15 crew members.'

'The Conspiracy Files' is a British documentary television series broadcast on BBC Two, investigating various modern-day conspiracy theories. So far in two series and 6 programs, the show has investigated the theories surrounding the September 11 attacks, the Pan Am Flight 103 bomb, the Oklahoma City bombing, the 7 July 2005 London bombings and the deaths of David Kelly and Diana, Princess of Wales.

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