Tuesday, April 26 2016 02:00 EEST
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Russian terrorists showed a terrible video of shooting people at the Armed Forces of Ukraine checkpoint
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Terrorists of “New Russia” or “Novorossia” showed how they shell civilian cars at the Armed Forces of Ukraine roadblock. You can hear the gunmen’s abusive language, laughter and shocking comments of what is happening off-screen. "Even after ten minutes of bombardment, the movement does not stop. Everyone thinks he's lucky," – says one of the terrorists, while firing on the cars of innocent people.

The separatists, commenting on what is happening, say that the aim of bombardment is to stop the heavy traffic moving through the checkpoint.

Getting a shot off, the terrorist joyfully exclaims "yeah!", and continues taking aim at the cars. Herewith, “Novorossia” fighter is incredibly pleased with the fact that after the shelling, wounded people start to flounce on the road and warn others to stop the movement.

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