Monday, April 25 2016 20:30 EEST
Heil Hitler! – Children from Rostov, Russia congratulated the Führer on his birthday
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Students from Russia staged a shocking campaign on April 21, commemorating the birthday of Adolf Hitler. Young people made an infamous Nazi salute or Hitler Greeting, paying tribute to one of the bloodiest dictators in the history of humankind. Russia is becoming a hostage to its own myth: every week, this country still struggles against fascism around the world, but Russian teenagers make Nazi salutes at veterans’ graves or raise their arms to the sun in public places.

Recently, schoolchildren organized a scandalous photoshoot in honor of Hitler's birthday. Boys and girls were photographed with their hands raised to the sun.

This photo appeared in social networks on April 20. After that, their head teacher, who’s also a psychologist and history teacher, has promised to tell pupils about real horrors of Nazism.

Rostov residents call for preventive measures for the sake of elimination of Nazis from social networks. They believe that local authorities should pay attention to such manifestations of racism, especially before May 9.

Victory Day or 9 May is a holiday that commemorates the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union at the end of Second World War, known in the Soviet Union as the Great Patriotic War. It was first inaugurated in the 16 republics of the Soviet Union, following the signing of the surrender document late in the evening on 8 May 1945.

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