Sunday, April 24 2016 16:20 EEST
A refugee from the occupied Donetsk in Russia: "I passed through all circles of hell"
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Natalia left her home after the regular Donetsk bombardment. She came to work in Moscow in search of a better life, especially since the "Russian world" invited residents of the "DNR" and "LNR" occupied territories. The girl managed to get the job of a plasterer in the Moscow region. However, in reality, the eloquent promises about good earnings for refugees from Donetsk turned into a nightmare.

Natalia said in an interview with "Govorit Moskva" (Moscow says) that workers were locked in a house and were forced to work for free.

According to her words, Armenians ran the whole affair. She said they were treated rudely and were not given money. The employers promised to pay them 30 thousand rubles ($455), but they didn't keep their promises. Instead, they mocked and locked the workers up in a house with gratings.

However, few women were able to escape.

Natalia told: "Our torturers forgot to pull the key out of the door in the other side of the lock. We saw it and escaped quietly. Thanks God, I didn't give them my documents."

Also, she added that there are still a few prisoners, mostly men, who are also forcibly held in that house.

After escaping, woman had to go about 20 kilometers on Shanks’s mare. She came to the village Dyatlovka, where local residents fed her and helped to restore a SIM card.

Natalia went to the local police department to tell them about what happened to her, but the police officers said that no one would deal with this case.

Meanwhile, the police did not comment the incident.

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