Saturday, April 23 2016 19:30 EEST
Stavropol region residents perceived a warning siren as the beginning of war between the USA and Russia
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Phone calls keep coming to the local administration. A few days ago, media and groups in social networks warned residents of Stavropol region, Russia, about an upcoming test of emergency warning systems. However, a lot of people were taken by surprise, when the siren started to sound.

Zheleznovodsk residents even perceived the warning siren as the beginning of war between the United States and Russia. Other people began to hide their cars, fearing that the siren meant the beginning of hurricane.

According to the municipal administration manager, Alyona Danilina, frightened people called the administration, cursing that they had not been warned about the war. The phone was ringing for two hours. Moreover, the phone calls keep coming to the administration even now.

However, such accidents are not new. Stavropol citizens were seriously scared because of the siren signal on December 7, last year. At that time, they also began calling emergency services to find out the causes of the incident. The line was busy for 10 minutes, while the dispatcher was explaining people what happened.

A similar case occurred on October 8, when two men were so scared of noise that they began to seek safety, escaping towards a wooded area.

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