Saturday, April 23 2016 02:30 EEST
President Obama faces contentious meetings with European and Gulf state leaders during his trip this week to Europe and Saudi Arabia
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Even though U.S. President Barack Obama opted to open his parting sweep through the Middle East with a visit to Saudi Arabia, Saudi television has ignored his arrival. Besides that, the king of Saudi Arabia met him in his palace, not in the airport.

According to The Guardian, US President Barack Obama arrived to Saudi Arabia with an official visit on Wednesday, but Riyadh gave Obama the cold shoulder.

The governor of Riyadh and a group of officials met Obama at the airport, but Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud met him in his palace, not in the airport.

Moreover, this quite an important event wasn't broadcasted by Saudi television as usual.

It is noted that Saudi television showed how the king had met leaders of the six Gulf countries at the airport earlier.

According to CNN, such a "disparaging" reception indicates cold relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States.

USA also suspects Saudi Arabia in its involvement in 9\11 attack. It is known that Saudi Arabia will sell $750 billion of US assets if Congress passes a certain 9/11 bill.

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