Friday, April 22 2016 23:45 EEST
Poroshenko: A visa-free regime for Ukrainians will be available in a few months
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The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko informed about a visa-free regime for Ukrainians at the beginning of summer, 2016. This information was voiced by the head of state of Ukraine during his video message calling to Ukrainian citizens.

Poroshenko expressed confidence that the European Union will provide visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens in a few months.

Petro Poroshenko:"For me personally, it’s been a long road of hard diplomatic and political work. The visa-free regime has been my obligation to you."

He informed that the EU is supporting the reforms carried out by Ukrainian government, ranking them highly.

"On the way to this decision we have implemented reforms that have changed the country. The EU appreciates and supports our reforms," said Poroshenko.

Ukrainian President also noted that it was really long-awaited news from Brussels.

"Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Europe!" summed Poroshenko.

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