Friday, April 22 2016 21:00 EEST
Russia has been moving artillery units to areas of northern Syria
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Russian militaries

Iranian militaries, which are fighting for Assad, are also moving to those areas. The Wall Street Journal, citing U.S. officials, reported that Russian Federation has moved artillery units to northern Syria, which is a staging area for Syrian government forces.

According to officials, it can show the preparations for the resumption of large-scale military actions.

As the journal notes, the Iranian military, which is also acting on the part of the official Damascus, has been moving to the areas of northern Syria.

According to U.S. officials, the Russian artillery has already been used in these areas to support Syrian army in the battles against the forces of the terrorist movement Al-Nusra Front, or Jabhat al-Nusra.

U.S. officials believe that the transfer of Russian artillery could have a negative impact on the political settlement process in Syria. U.S. sources also claim that the Russian air group in Syria increased intensity of its actions.

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